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New Products

8200 Series - Sliding Door

This new Sliding “Patio” door meets the same standards and performance that made our reputation. In fact, the 8200 series was designed to be build in with transom and sides of our 8500 system

Finally, here is a sliding door without the traditional four sashes drawback.



2000 HRT Series – Curtain wall with high thermal break properties
H.T.R. – High thermal resistance
(Patent Pending)

A curtain wall designed with the same structural characteristic of a standard rain screen thus preventing water infiltration and offering higher and better thermal break.

In fact, for a given temperature, (inside and outside), this curtain wall will be more effective with a high relative humidity factor without the risk of condensation result. It will increase the comfort of the building occupants and bring a potential energy saving.

The system designed by Lessard Group Inc. offers the convenience of being adaptable to any existing structure in place disregard of the manufacturer. It only requires the replacement of the pressure plates and finishing caps to enjoy the benefits of a new envelope without changing the existing glazing.



2000R Series – Renovation Curtain Wall
(Patent Pending)

Design for building with water and air infiltration problems, the “Renovation” curtain wall restores the entire building sealing without removing the existing system structure.

More than just fixing water and air tightness problem of actual curtain wall, the “Renovation” curtain wall, can also be customized for all kind of building envelope system or revamp any good condition building. You can therefore benefit from this product with « high thermal break property » glazing meeting with today’s building requirement for high energy efficiency.

The installation is done from the outside, does not require work such as demolition, gypsum, painting, etc…. It will allow cost savings on heating and air conditioning while bringing a better comfort to the building occupants without inconveniences or disturbances to their daily activities.