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Architectural Aluminium and Glass Systems             

Special Products

8100 Series – Window to export

Commercial grade single-hull aluminum window designed for regions where the climate does not require a thermal bridge. This window combines strength and aesthetic, while offering all possible “in swing” combinations. Targeted markets for this product are commercial and institutional buildings with high performance expectations.


  • All made of 6063-TS alloy extruded aluminum.
  • Main frame of 68 mm (2 11/16 ").
  • Window systems offering all the possibilities for “in swing” (French style casement, hopper window and “tilt and swing”.
  • Product conceived as per rain screen principle with two rows of weather stripping along the perimeter.
  • Euro groove design  (14/18 mm) allowing the use of all European hardware.
  • Dry gaskets (dual density coextrusion) eliminating polyisobutilic gaskets that lose their properties with time, let alone all the particles that stick to their exposed surface.

FS80 Series – Prison grade window

Prison grade secure aluminum window designed to meet the highest security ministry standards. This window combines strength and aesthetic, thanks to concealed tempered steel security bars in the aluminum profiles. Targeted markets for this product are detention centers, correctional facilities or any other building requiring maximal security.


  • All made of 6063-Ts alloy extruded aluminum.
  • All sills and sashes are composed of two aluminum sections with polyamide thermal barriers, which are assembled through laminated-crimping process. This offers increased rigidity and a perfect seal of the sections.
  • Sills available in 190 mm (7 ½") depth.
  • Window system conceived so as all parts are impregnable.
  • Glazing bead system allowing glazing replacement by the exterior and fastened by vandal-proof screws.
  • Window equipped with 25 mm (1") diameter tempered steel bars on the interior side, spaced at 150 mm (6") c/c.
  • All aluminum sections accessible from the inside have a minimum thickness of 3 mm (1/8").
  • The steel bars are held by sleeves welded to the lateral tempered steel flat bars (1/2" x 2"), permitting the rotation of the bars. The steel flat bars are welded to anchoring steel angles that will be fixed in the masonry.
  • The steel bars are concealed inside trapezoid shaped aluminum sections and at the perimeter in 44 mm x 100 mm (1 ¾ " x 4") rectangular tubular sections.
  • Sashes operate with robust extruded aluminium split-hinges.
  • Chain operator with vandal-proof handle. (Available with electrical operator or perch).
  • Interior security screen (MS80) with stainless steel mesh to prevent access to the sashes. 

MS80 Series – Security screen

High security aluminum screen designed to resist breaking and entering, or vandalism. This screen combines strength and estheticism. Targeted markets for this product are detention centers, correctional facilities or any other building requiring maximal security.


  • Main frame is made of 6063-T5 alloy extruded aluminum, “F“ Shaped, 45mm x 50mm (1 ¾ x 2) with 3mm (1/8”) minimum thickness.
  • Vertical and horizontal strut available.
  • All assembly screws and anchoring screws that are accessible are stainless steel anti-vandal type.
  • Stainless steel wire mesh no.316 available with different calibers.
  • Customized production sizes, according to job specifications.