Lessard Group Inc.

Architectural Aluminium and Glass Systems             


8500 Window Series

Commercial grade aluminum designed to meet A440 highest standards. This window combines strength and aesthetic, while offering any “in swing” and “out swing combinations.

  • 8500 series - Profiles
  • 8520 series – Curtain wall imitation 3 ¾" x 2"
  • 8530 series – 3" Fixed window  
  • 8540 series – 4" Fixed window 
  • 8560 series – 6" Fixed window 
  • 8500 series – In swing and out swing vents 

Characteristics of the  8500 Series:

  • All made of 6063-T5 alloy extruded aluminum.
  • All sills and sashes are composed of two aluminum sections with polyamide thermal barriers, which are assembled through laminated-crimping process. This offers increased rigidity and a perfect seal of the sections.
  • Sills available in 3 depths:
    • 150mm (6”) – 8560
    • 100mm (4”) - 8540
    • 75mm (3”) – 8530
  • Window systems offering all the possibilities for “in swing” ( French style casement, hopper window, astragal French door and “tilt and swing”) and “out swing” (casement and awning)
  • Product conceived as per rain screen principle with three rows of weather stripping along the perimeter.
  • Air/water barrier system along the perimeter of the sealed units eliminating rebate joints often the cause of important deficiencies.
  • Euro groove design allowing the use of all European hardware.
  • Choice of square or round glass retaining snap-on mouldings in either horizontal or vertical position.
  • Dry gaskets (dual density coextrusion) eliminating polyisobutilic gaskets that lose their properties with time, not considering the mess they create. 


7500 Window Series

Our 7500 window series is an insulated window casement or awning type window (out swing) depending on the hardware installed. This product is best suitable for Condominiums, residential buildings and private residences.